I set up a bicycle storage at Amami’s guest house.





Old bicycles are available free of charge.

To be able to cycle around the hand spread

New bicycles can be rented for ¥ 300 a day.

We can go for rental bicycles such as Kurazaki coast and Ututahara beach, delicious cherry blossoms of chicken rice

It is recommended that you go to Kurazaki coast by rental bicycle from the guest house.

30 minutes of cycling along the seaside, snorkeling at Kurasaki Beach. It is quite recommended.

The snorkeling set is also for rental 1000 yen. In addition, you can rent cheap with fins (foot fins).

I wonder if the rainy season will end soon

I want to go to the sea

But you can surf and snorkel even if it rains

Let’s surf in the evening today. in the rain. (Lol)